Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farm-to-Table?
Farm-to-Table is a social movement that grew out of a need for sustainability, to “know where your food comes from.” Farm-to-Table enthusiasts buy locally produced food direct from the grower– which might be a farm, brewery, winery, ranch or fishery. At Beach Plum Farm, we believe eating locally grown produce makes for tastier food for our visitors and happier guests at all of our properties at Cape Resorts Group.

Looking to book an event?
Interested in having a special dinner, a birthday party or wedding in Beach Plum Farm’s beautiful unspoiled setting? To book an event: email us here

Where are you located?
Beach Plum Farm is located at 140 Stevens Street, West Cape May, NJ.  If you have questions, please email kkennedy@thebeachplumfarm.com.

Are pets allowed?
We love well-behaved, socialized dogs at Beach Plum Farm, they are even
allowed in the Farm Market but please make sure to keep them on their leashes.

Dogs are also allowed in the backfields, also leashed, on weekends when the fields are open to the public, however, our Beach Plum Farm Cottages are not pet-friendly. We also ask that your pets respect our animals. No chasing the chickens, Fido!

What are your hours of operation?
Current operating hours are posted in the top right corner of this page.

How can I book an event at Beach Plum Farm, like a special dinner or a wedding?
Just send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your options for having a farm-to-table event at Beach Plum Farm.

Can I take a tour of the farm?
Self-guided tours of the front fields, parterre, and kitchen
gardens are available daily. Backfields are closed to the public during the week since this is a working farm. Pick up your complimentary map at the Beach Plum Farm Market!

Do we have to walk? Why?
As a working farm, Beach Plum Farm has chickens, ducks, and pigs that roam certain areas of the property. Because this is their home, we ask that you respect their environment by touring the backfields by foot or bike only. No cars are permitted beyond the Market’s parking area.

What should I wear?
As a working farm, our pathways aren’t paved.  Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and comfortable shoes for distance walking on sometimes muddy terrain.

Where can I sample the foods?
Chefs around town know that Beach Plum Farm is the best source for fresh local produce. Stop by The Ebbitt Room, The Boiler Room, The Blue Pig, Louisa’s Café, The Rusty Nail or Exit Zero Filling Station to sample their exquisite farm-to-table fare!

What’s on the menu?
Our chalkboard menu changes daily, bringing you the best of what we are harvesting right now- from our farm to your table. Some of our most popular dishes are the Grain Bowl and our Fresh Breakfast Sandwich.

Why isn’t Beach Plum Farm certified organic?

Since we sell directly to you, you’re able to see for yourself how we grow our vegetables, herbs,& flowers, and how we raise our animals. Because of this close relationship, we haven’t felt it necessary to have a third party verify our practices. We also have conventional farming neighbors, which can make certification more difficult.