From the time we opened our gates in 2008, Beach Plum Farm has remained committed to what is frequently referred to as “farm-fresh” or “farm-to-table” food. If you’ve visited the farm, you know that this is a special place- a place where you can enjoy sustainably raised pork, pasture raised chicken and turkey, eggs laid just hours before they arrive on your plate, and heaping servings of hand-harvested veggies and herbs. You’ve seen the beauty of our zinnias and dahlias, sunflowers and evergreens, and the arches bursting with Hyacinth Bean Vine behind the Market.

But what you may not realize is all the hard work it takes to cultivate such a unique working farm, or what sustainable and “hand-harvested” really mean. Here, we’ll shed a light on what these terms mean both in the most general sense and in the case of our little piece of The Cape.

So you say you’re sustainable…

By definition, sustainable agriculture means producing food, fiber, and other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, and animal welfare. Sustainable agriculture enables us to produce the healthy foods we love, without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same. What does that look like at Beach Plum Farm? Our General Manager, Christina Albert says, “We implement sustainable farming practices in a few different ways at Beach Plum Farm. When it comes to our vegetables and herbs, we don’t use herbicides, and we won’t use any pesticides that aren’t certified organic. We also plant cover crops in the winter season to prevent soil erosion.” And the animals? They’re fed with locally sourced grain & are able to express their natural instincts with plenty of room to run around- you can often find our chickens pecking for seeds & bugs around the Farm.

The truth behind the trend…

Lots of restaurants claim to be “farm-to-table” or “farm-fresh” nowadays, and while we don’t discredit them, we believe that Beach Plum Farm and our partner restaurants exhibit what eating local is truly meant to be. From our 62-acre farm in West Cape May, our products travel 2 miles or less before being prepared and served at our own Kitchen, The Ebbitt Room, The Blue Pig Tavern & Boiler Room at Congress Hall, The Rusty Nail, and Louisa’s Café. Deliveries are made daily to ensure that it is handled with care and delivered promptly rather than sitting in a truck and being bustled across county & state lines. This doesn’t just benefit the quality of the produce & eggs, however, it also helps us limit our greenhouse gas emissions, looping back to our dedication to minimal environmental impact.

So there you have it. While simplified, this is what it means to be farm fresh. This is what it means to eat locally and responsibly. This is Beach Plum Farm, and this is our promise to you.

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