Andrew with the new baby Hereford Pigs

Piglets! Our hero pig wrangler Andrew brought 23 piglets into the world this week.  Yes, 23! Oh, mama! These little guys are just 4 days old. The Hereford breed is a heritage breed, unique to the United States.  It was developed in Iowa and Nebraska during the 1920s from Duroc, Chester White, and Poland China bloodlines.

At Beach Plum Farm, we are going to breed them with our Berkshire hogs to produce a superior line of pork that is well-marbled but less fatty than the traditional Berkshire line. All of our pork is free-range and raised with respect for the animal.

On the produce front, beautiful lettuce and spinach continue to come out of the high tunnel greenhouse. Our carrots are still the sweetest around, and we are harvesting gorgeous leeks through the early spring.  We’re counting down to our first harvest of Beach Plum Farm’s many heirloom varieties of radish in just about 3 weeks.Stay tuned for more recipes from Chef Todd.

Snap peas were planted in the garden and the field and mustard greens and arugula were planted in the garden. Started in the greenhouse – onions, leeks, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers for the high tunnel, lettuce, chard, herbs and flowers.  Get your first taste of the harvest at our early spring dinners.